Help at Home


I would like teleassistance/telecare (personal alarms)

Teleassistance (‘teleasistencia’) or telecare are the common names for services where a person carries a pendant or bracelet with a button to call for help if […]

I would like to receive some help with food, either with basic food stuffs or hot meals

For information on possible support with doing food shopping click here For information on food banks and meal centres, click here    

I need some help with shopping and occasional errands

Voluntary help Groups in your town or village may be able to help with providing voluntary assistance. Please click here for a list of organisations and […]

I need nursing care in my home; full-time, for a few hours a week or to help out while my normal carer is away

Help from the Spanish authorities Depending on your circumstances and your condition, as a UK national resident in Spain you may be able to access medical […]

I need post-hospital or post-treatment medical care at home

Help from the Spanish authorities Usually, if you have recently been receiving hospital care and your doctors feel you need post-treatment care at home, they will […]

I need temporary care at home for a disability while my normal carer is away or unavailable

If you require temporary help only, perhaps while a normal carer or partner is away, on the link below you can search a list of organisations […]

I would like someone to give me help at home, such as light cleaning, changing beds or helping buy or prepare food

Help from the Spanish authorities For those registered on their local council census (‘empadronado’, or on the ‘padrón’), the town-hall-based social worker, ‘trabajador social’, can carry […]


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