I need post-hospital or post-treatment medical care at home

I need post-hospital or post-treatment medical care at home

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Help from the Spanish authorities

Usually, if you have recently been receiving hospital care and your doctors feel you need post-treatment care at home, they will contact social workers to assess you based on medical need. This may either happen before you leave hospital or at a follow-up outpatients or doctors appointment.

What help is given in these circumstances is limited, based on doctors’ advice and relates to medical treatment. General home support, for example with basic household tasks or long-term home help, will not be provided in this way. Click here for advice on general (non-medical) home support.

Depending on your circumstances and your condition, as a UK national resident in Spain you may be able to access further nursing care services via your local-town-hall-based social service/social care coordinators.

Except in very urgent circumstances, it may take some time for your need to be assessed and any support you are entitled to provided. It is therefore important to start this process as soon as possible.

Those entitled to be assessed by local-town-hall-based social workers are evaluated under national dependency legislation (Ley de Dependencia). If you qualify, an appointment will be made for a trained assessor to visit you and assess your needs and what support or services you may be entitled to.

To find out if you qualify to be seen by Spanish statutory social care services in this way or if you wish to arrange an appointment with social workers at your local town hall, please click here.

Help from British government benefits

Depending on your personal circumstances and if you have links to the British social security system, (for example through a pension or you or a spouse have worked in the UK and paid National Insurance contributions), you may be entitled to benefits to help towards care, even if you live full-time in Spain. Please click here for more information

Help from voluntary organisations and other groups

Several different charities, voluntary organisations or other support groups can offer advice on securing long-term care, for example by helping contact Spanish social services, by assisting you in accessing British government benefits or suggesting ways to find private care support.

Please click on the link below for more information of the organisations that may be able to help.

(Note: if you enter the town or village where you live on the search results, the list will filter only the organisations that cover your area).

Search for organisations who offer advice and support on how to find post-hospital or post-treatment care at home.

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