How to request a prebooked appointment for an EU residents card or NIE.

How to request a prebooked appointment for an EU residents card or NIE.

Introductory notes

Most provinces in Spain, especially those with the highest populations and/or a lot of foreign residents, now require you to have a prebooked appointment made online first to have your paperwork processed. (A handful will allow you to make appointments in person at the relevant offices or by phone but this situation is becoming less common. Each province operates a slightly different process, so, as usual, checking locally first is recommended).

To see which appointment process applies to your province, go ahead and start making your appointment on the official link. If as an option for your province, the web page gives you POLICIA – CERTIFICADOS Y ASIGNACION NIE (this is if you want a NIE) or POLICIA-CERTIFICADOS UE  (if you want the EU residency green card), then you must carry on and make your appointment online. If it does not offer these options, we advise consulting your nearest National Police Station or Oficina de Extranjería in order to make an appointment.

Alternatively, if the process you require does not appear anywhere for that province,  SOLICITUD DE AUTORIZACIONES (authorisation requests) is a valid option instead we believe if it is shown, as this seems to be a more general “catch-all” description used in some provinces with smaller populations. Information currently subject to change without notice.

New information – October 2019: A few provinces (but not all) now have an extra option in this drop down menu in readiness for Brexit: POLICIA-CERTIFICADOS UE (EXCLUSIVAMENTE REINO UNIDO) (= Exclusively UK) or (less likely) TRAMITE PARA LA DOCUMENTACIÓN DE NACIONALES DEL REINO UNIDO (Documentation process for UK Nationals).

As a British citizen, we recommend you first choose one of these two options for your residents’ green card (POLICIA-CERTIFICADOS UE (EXCLUSIVAMENTE REINO UNIDO) or TRAMITE PARA LA DOCUMENTACIÓN DE NACIONALES DEL REINO UNIDO) (where available). If you cannot get an available appointment as a British citizen on either of those, try the POLICIA-CERTIFICADOS UE route, adding in that you are British (Reino Unido). (If no appointments are currently available via these routes you should keep checking back on the page where you make the appointment, as more appointments should become available).

See also our Brexit update page for extra reassurance if you have trouble getting an appointment.

Arranging an online appointment

Remember, you get an NIE automatically, (if you don’t already have one), when you ask to register for the green card so you do not need two appointments.

  1. Enter:
  2. Put in your province where you live from the drop-down list and click ‘Aceptar’ (Accept)
  3. On the second drop down menu that appears in Spanish click on: POLICIA- CERTIFICADOS Y ASIGNACION NIE (this is if you want a NIE) or POLICIA-CERTIFICADOS UE if you want to be officially registered as resident and get the credit-card-sized green card. (Click here to go back to explanations page to see what it is you need if you are unsure).
  4. Depending on province, you may now see, just for your information, in Spanish, any extra information regarding the process in your province. This can vary locally. Scroll down to the end and click on the red ENTRAR button to ask for an appointment.
  5. On the next page under ‘Tipo de documento’, (type of document), click the passport option and enter your passport number and name very carefully to match your passport. You will be also asked your name and surname (nombre y apellidos) and also to select which your nationality you are (For British select; Reino Unido).
  6.  You will be asked to quickly “prove you are not a robot”, by ticking. Once done, press ACEPTAR.
  7. You should now press the red SOLICITAR CITA (Request appointment) button at the base.
  8. A drop-down menu of local National Police stations or Oficina de Extranjería and their addresses in your province should appear. Choose the one closest to you and then click on the red button that says “Siguiente” (Next). In some cases, especially provinces with smaller populations, the provincial or island office of the Ministry of Interior “Oficina de Extranjería” may come up  instead of / as well, as a valid option for you to choose if you wish. Make a note of the address where you are choosing.
  9. You should now enter a phone number and a valid email address twice (to check it is correct). They recommend not to use Hotmail as emails may not arrive. Click on “Siguiente” again.
  10. Choose the date and time you want. Typically you may have to wait at least a week. Click on “Siguiente” and also Accept (if your browser asks you to).
  11. The next screen is a summary of what you are reserving. At the end tick the two boxes that say:-

Estoy conforme con la información mostrada en pantalla (I agree with the information on screen).

 Deseo recibir un correo electrónico con los datos de mi cita en la dirección que he proporcionado. (I wish an email with the appointment information to be sent to me).

  1. Then press the red CONFIRMAR button. You will be shown a reference number and summary details. Remember to write these down in case the email doesn’t arrive and go at the set time to the desk at the station looking after NIE or Registro UE applications (depending on which one you want). Take the right documentation with you.

As we have mentioned, paperwork requested can sometimes vary by station/office, especially in more complicated cases, so be patient and allow for at least two visits in your planning.

Please feedback to us on how helpful this explanation is at so we can improve it for future users. However, please note that we cannot give individual, personalised advice on your circumstances. Click here for organisations near to you that may be able to help with additional advice based on their own experiences with other British nationals.

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