How to request a prebooked appointment at the nearest National Police station

How to request a prebooked appointment at the nearest National Police station

You can arrange a pre-booked appointment (“cita previa”) at the National Police station nearest you to present the paperwork and probably save you at least one visit. We understand that an appointment is not always necessary for a NIE (although you may have to wait a while and this may depend on the police station and time of year) but it is necessary for the Register of European Citizens (to get the green card). Remember, you get an NIE automatically when you ask to register for the green card so you do not need two appointments.

  1. Enter:
  2. Put in your province where you live from the drop-down list and click ‘Aceptar’ (Accept)
  3. On the second drop down menu that appears in Spanish click on: POLICIA- CERTIFICADOS Y ASIGNACION NIE (this is if you want a NIE) or POLICIA-CERTIFICADOS UE if you want to be officially registered as resident and get the credit-card-sized green card. (Click here to go back to explanations page to see what it is you need if you are unsure).
  4. You will now see, just for your information, a list in Spanish of documents you need to take with you that covers what we have also summarised in English on this website or links to other help sites. Scroll down to the end and click on the red ENTRAR button to ask for an appointment.
  5. On the next page under ‘Tipo de documento’, (type of document), click the passport option and enter your passport number and name very carefully to match your passport.
  6.  You will be asked to quickly “prove you are not a robot”, by clicking on some random photos of some items. It is worth having a dictionary ready if you do not speak Spanish to follow the short instructions. Be patient on this phase. If you get it wrong it will give you as many goes as you need.
  7. You should now press the red SOLICITAR CITA (Request appointment) button at the base.
  8. A drop-down menu of local National Police stations and their addresses in your province should appear. Choose the one closest to you and then click on the red button that says “Siguiente” (Next).
  9. You should now enter a phone number and a valid email address twice (to check it is correct). They recommend not to use Hotmail as emails may not arrive. Click on “Siguiente” again.
  10. Choose the date and time you want. Typically you may have to wait at least a week. Click on “Siguiente” and also Accept (if your browser asks you to).
  11. The next screen is a summary of what you are reserving. At the end tick the two boxes that say:-

Estoy conforme con la información mostrada en pantalla (I agree with the information on screen).

 Deseo recibir un correo electrónico con los datos de mi cita en la dirección que he proporcionado. (I wish an email with the appointment information to be sent to me).

  1. Then press the red CONFIRMAR button. You will be shown a reference number and summarydetails. Remember to write these down in case the email doesn’t arrive and go at the set time to the desk at the station looking after NIE or Registro UE applications (depending on which one you want). Take the right documentation with you.

As we have mentioned, paperwork requested can sometimes vary by station, especially in more complicated cases, so be patient and allow for at least two visits in your planning.

Please feedback to us on how helpful this explanation is at [email protected] so we can improve it for future users. However, please note that we cannot give individual, personalised advice on your circumstances. Click here for organisations near to you that may be able to help with additional advice based on their own experiences with other British nationals.

Click here to return to the main explanation for applying for NIE, Resident Registration and Padrón.

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