I want a Covid-19 vaccine

I want a Covid-19 vaccine

The Spanish government has committed to providing everyone living in Spain with a Covid-19 vaccine even if they are not users of the state/public healthcare system.

Vaccine rollout is being handled by the public health services. Public healthcare in Spain is run by the 17 regional governments who are each responsible for organising their systems and processes within broad guidelines established by the Spanish state. Processes therefore usually vary by region.

The rollout of the vaccinations also depends on availability of vaccines and which age group is being vaccinated according to latest official recommendations.

If you are already registered for state healthcare you will be contacted by your regional health service to make an appointment when it is your turn to be vaccinated.

If you are entitled to public healthcare in Spain as a British national (perhaps because you are working in Spain or are in receipt of a UK state pension and so have the right to access to Spanish healthcare, for example) but are not registered, you can take steps to register. See this link.

Except in a few cases (for example, if you are a student from the UK in Spain or a posted worker), having a UK-issued EHIC or GHIC card does not count for public healthcare in Spain except emergency or essential treatment as these are meant for temporary visits only.

Check your details are up to date

Even if you are registered for Spanish public healthcare, if you are an infrequent user of the system or have recently moved, make sure your contact details are up to date by contacting your health centre, so you can be contacted when the time comes for your appointment.  To help you find your nearest public health centre if you do not know it, click on this link and search the town or village (or area) where you live to focus your search.

Vaccines for holders of private insurance policies (with no access to public healthcare)

If you live in Spain and get your healthcare cover by paying for a private health policy, you are entitled to a vaccination when the time comes. Each region is responsible for its system of rolling this out.

To see what each region is doing for those with private insurance policies read the UK Government’s advice on coronavirus vaccines in Spain by clicking on this link and scrolling down the page.

If you are not already registered at your local health centre: You should also take steps to make sure that your entry on the municipal padrón (census roll) register is up to date at your local town hall as some regions may choose to contact people outside the public healthcare system that way. If you are not on the padrón you can find out more in part 3 of this link. You are allowed to register on the padrón by Spanish law if you do not have legal residency papers yet.

The full Spanish government vaccination strategy, for background information, is available here: https://www.vacunacovid.gob.es



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