Volunteering can be a particularly rewarding way to give back to the local community

Most of the organisations that provide support and help for foreign residents in Spain are registered charities or other types of voluntary organisations.

They are staffed by Spanish and British nationals as well as people of many other nationalities who have chosen to make Spain their home.

These organisations rely on donations and support from the local community to survive and provide the services they do.

The Support in Spain team reminds everybody using this website to support the excellent work of voluntary organisations in Spain in general.

We have listed organisations only where they have a public website or social media page and/or if they have an office, regular meetings or regularly update their information for the public.

Most carry out fundraising activities throughout the year and are always pleased to receive more support.

Volunteering can be a particularly rewarding way to give back to the local community and the wide range of voluntary organisations working in Spain to support foreign nationals means that there are many opportunities to help out whatever your skills or interests.

Those wishing to help in any way should contact each organisation in our searchable directory individually.

Note: We have not been able to assess each organisation’s fundraising and volunteering activity individually as part of the scope of this project, and as such this message on charitable-giving is not an endorsement of the organisations featured. If you are interested in getting involved you should take the time to assess that the particular organisation you want to help is suited to you and meets your needs.