I need help in English understanding the doctors or nurses in the hospital or doctors’ surgery

I need help in English understanding the doctors or nurses in the hospital or doctors’ surgery

At public health centres and public hospitals services are provided in Spanish, although some doctors and health workers speak English and, if needed, you should ask for somebody who speaks English if available.

In some larger health centres in areas with higher numbers of foreign residents, English-speaking volunteer translators may be available within the centre itself. The same applies in public (state-run) hospitals, where volunteers are often available. These are normally trained and follow a code of ethics on issues like confidentiality.

To see your nearest public health centre click here.

For an explanation of how to register for public healthcare click here.

Some voluntary organisations may be able to help you with assistance translating during hospital or doctors visits, depending on your personal circumstances and the severity of your need (or suggest the names of interpreters). Click here for a list of organisations to ask for advice on this, (adding in your town or village to find ones covering your local area).

If you live in a province of Andalucía (Malaga, Huelva, Cordoba, Almeria, Cadiz, Jaen, Seville or Granada): If nobody is available who speaks English at the moment you go to the health centre, doctors, health workers and their patients can use a reliable, confidential 24-hour translation phone service (where the interpreter translates over the telephone to both you and the health worker/doctor at the same time). This well-used translation/interpretation service is a standard part of the Andalusian regional government’s services and the health centre or hospital will set this up for your appointment.


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