I am unsure if I am registered for Spanish healthcare

I am unsure if I am registered for Spanish healthcare

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If you are unsure if you are registered for Spanish public healthcare (servicio de sanidad pública) but would like to find out or register, the link below outlines the criteria for registering for Spanish health care:

I do not know how to register for Spanish healthcare

If you believe you meet these criteria in this link above and are still unsure if you are already registered for Spanish healthcare, you should visit or contact your nearest local health centre or social security office, taking identification (a passport and your residency document (green paper or card or TIE card)) and your NIE identification number (Numero de Identificación de Extranjeros) to check what records they hold.

For your nearest public health centre, click this link.

For your nearest social security office, click this link.

(Please add in the place (local council area) where you live to the search results to see your local offices)

Extra advice: If you do not have a NIE number or were never issued with one then you will not have been registered for Spanish healthcare. The NIE may also be known to you as your NIF and starts with the letter X, Y or Z for non-Spanish nationals. For more information on residency and NIE,  click here.

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