I need to find out about residential care

I need to find out about residential care

Help from the Spanish authorities

For those British nationals registered on their local council census (‘empadronado’, or on the ‘padrón’), the town-hall-based social worker, ‘trabajador social’, can carry out an initial assessment to see if you qualify for residential care or care homes from the Spanish government.

Help depends on the degree of your need and can take some time to be agreed. Even if you have to look for another, private solution in the meantime, it is recommended you visit the social worker as soon as possible in order to start the assessment process and to see if you qualify.

Those entitled to be assessed by local-town-hall-based social workers are evaluated under national dependency legislation (Ley de Dependencia). If you qualify, an appointment will be made for a trained assessor to visit you and assess your needs and what support or services you may be entitled to.

To find out if you qualify to be seen by Spanish statutory social care services in this way or if you wish to arrange an appointment with social workers at your local town hall, please click here.

To find out how to register on the local council census (‘padrón’) click here.

Except in an emergency, an application for Spanish-government provided residential care can take some time and is normally provided in cases of real need and where a person cannot be cared for in their own home. However the law says that you may be entitled to some home-based assistance instead if you do not qualify for residential care, so, depending on your circumstances, an application may be worthwhile.

Private care home companies

This website does not list private companies offering care or make recommendations, although many are available with information published in local directories or via local voluntary groups.

Local voluntary groups

Please click here for a list of organisations and groups whose volunteers can usually provide more insight into local care home provision. Usually most will not recommend individual care homes or companies but will inform you of what is available locally.

Entitlement to UK care benefits 

Remember also to check that you are receiving any British government benefits you may be entitled to, (even if you live in Spain), income from which could help towards care if needed. Click here for more details on UK benefits.



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