Directory of Useful Organisations

CÁRITAS – your parish church / su parroquia

Offer support and counselling through your local parish priests and volunteer workers. This is irrespective of your faith or views in religion. The door is always open.

Coverage area and additional information

Caritas is the Roman Catholic church’s principal charity organisation in Spain. It provides a large amount of aid and support nationally and internationally and is coordinated on a parish level, i.e. you should initially seek support from your local parish church and programmes available will vary by parish. Its philosophy at a parish level focuses on supporting a person in need and counselling over a period of time. At a provincial level it distributes food aid from its central warehouses to other charities who offer meal kitchens and other services and in Málaga offers a homeless shelter, Pozos Dulces 12, Málaga and xxxxxxx

Contact information
Phone (0034)952287250 is the Malaga Diocese central office/ificina central
Email Faith-based/Ecumenical
Full address All RC parish churches throughout the area
Languages Spanish spoken, Some English spoken (on request)
Timetable Eclesiástica/Ecuménica
Type of organization Faith-based/Ecumenical
Type of organisation Faith-based/Ecumenical