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Ceafa – Spanish Alzheimer’s network

Ceafa is the national association for Alzheimer’s charities in Spain ( Most local associations and registered charities specifically working for Alzheimer’s in Spain are members (although a few are not). Use the national association website link shown below (in Spanish only) to search for local Alzheimer’s organisations that are part of that association’s network (there are over 200).

Click on the link and you will see a map of Spain. Click on your region and scroll through the results to find organisations close to you.

Generally, local associations on that link to Ceafa which are outside the areas with the very highest concentration of foreign residents or visitors can normally help only in Spanish, or local regional language. However, their advice may be very useful in understanding local resources or procedures if you are able to make the first contact with the help of a Spanish speaker.

Most local Alzheimer’s associations/charities in Spain are members of Ceafa and so are on this website link below. A few local Alzheimer’s associations are not members of Ceafa.

Some other registered charities may offer Alzheimer’s support as part of their broader services so will not be part of Ceafa either. You can search by your local area on this website directory for any more organisations in your area offering support, including any run by and for the foreign-resident community.

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