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It may be that you do not need legal advice, but rather, you need some brief, paid help with paperwork or form filling and understanding the Spanish system. In that case, it may be sufficient to use a ‘gestor’, a type of  private, professional administration services manager who usually works in ‘gestoría’ offices.

Sometimes legal practices also have a gestoría department. Gestorías tend to be cheaper than lawyers and charge fixed fees. They are not necessarily qualified lawyers but their use is extremely common in Spain to guide people through local bureaucratic processes for a relatively modest fee. By clicking on the link below you can read more explanation from  the UK government and that page has a link to an official association directory (in Spanish) to help you find a registered gestor if needed. Not all gestorías speak English; check when first contacting. Gestors will charge for services and are private professionals.

To find one, it may also be as effective to ask locally for recommendations of local gestors from somebody you know.

Support in Spain does not endorse or recommend any particular lawyer, solicitor, attorney or gestor.

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