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Freesia Group (Tarragona)

Freesia organises fundraising events in support of cancer charities in Spain and in the Tarragona area. It has members and participants of various nationalities who live in different parts of Tarragona province. Through its network of contacts in the local area, the group is normally able to provide on request initial guidance about local cancer support and treatment that is available in the Tarragona province area. Members do not carry out cancer support services themselves but can be a useful first point of contact. In addition, Freesia can point patients, or their friends and family, towards other useful local contacts.

Freesia members can also potentially help any local English-speaking foreign residents who are in particular need and perhaps are having difficulty filling in forms or understanding local bureaucracy and paperwork.

The social events Freesia organises are also useful opportunities to meet people and make new friends and contacts on the Costa Dorada and the wider Tarragona area, all in a good cause. See the website for more details.

The principal charities that Freesia supports are: the AECC national cancer charity in Tarragona province; CNIO, cancer research in Madrid; and the AFANOC children’s cancer charity in Tarragona.

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