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Policia Nacional – List of stations nationally

The link on this page goes to a Policía Nacional (National Police) official webpage in Spanish with a list of offices across Spain. (Note: it takes a little time to load). For offices dealing with documentation for foreigners, click on the link and scroll down to “Oficinas de Tramitación para Ciudadanos Extranjeros”.  Then click on the province where you live and a list will open up. (Alternatively, you can also use an interactive map of Spain, allowing you to zoom in on offices in your area, by clicking on the small “DEPENDENCIAS” link, (or an open map and locator point symbol in white if looking on your mobile), right at the top of that same page).

Most National Police stations can issue NIE numbers and TIE cards (make sure you know the difference between the two) and by making an appointment in advance. Check locally which ones can. National Police are different to Local Police, Guardia Civil or regional police. National Police stations are located in provincial capitals and large towns only.

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Make sure you also register on your local town hall’s census roll (‘go on the local ‘padrón’) as proof of living in the area for future social care needs and to allow you to sign on at your local health centre/doctors surgery. For details of the process to ask for a residency certificate/TIE see the question in Helpful Topics in the “Understanding the System” section. It is highly recommended that UK nationals living in Spain make sure they are legally resident to ensure they can potentially access benefits more easily in a future emergency or unexpected event.

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