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Public Health Centre (Centro de Salud) – Fuente Victoria-Fondón

Your local public health centre run by the Andalucían Regional Public Health Service (SAS-Servicio Andaluz de Salud) is your gateway to Spanish public health care and support if related to a short-term or long-term medical condition or disability. It is also a route to applying for social care where the need is linked to a medical condition being treated by doctors at the health centre.

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Coverage area and additional information

Service is provided in Spanish although some doctors speak English and if requested you should ask for one if available. If none is available, doctors, health workers and their patients can use a 24-hour translation service (where the translator speaks over a telephone). In some larger health centres in areas with higher numbers of foreign residents, English-speaking volunteer translators may be available within the centre itself.

Contact information
Full address Search website link above, clicking on Tipo de Centro: 'Centros Sanitarios' then 'Centro de Salud y Consultorios'; Provincia: Almería and Municipio: the name of your town / council area.
Languages Some English spoken (on request), Spanish spoken
Type of organisation Public

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