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SOJ Legal Aid Advice – Barcelona province

Legal advice can be provided under Spanish law free of charge for people on low incomes if they are facing a legal process or think they wish to start one. It is also offered in certain situations regardless of income, such as domestic violence, workplace contract disputes and others. In the first instance ask for an appointment in person for an initial free assessment of your issue, as part of the ‘Servicio de Orientación Jurídica’ (SOJ) (Judicial Guidance Service) or visit your nearest centre. See the weblink below for a general explanation of the SOJ in Spain and how to find your nearest centre.

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Coverage area and additional information

For the area around Barcelona city and the coast of Barcelona province, the Barcelona Colegio de Abogados provides SOJ services. ( They also have area offices outside the city that may be closer to you. In inland parts of Barcelona province a different Coliegio de Abogados may cover that area. SEE ALSO THE WEBLINK BELOW FOR A GENERAL INTRODUCTION AND IMPORTANT INFORMATION ON SOJ SERVICES IN SPAIN.

Contact information
Phone (0034) 934221545(09:00-14:00)
Full address Various centres for a free initial consulation (see web link) but an appointment is normally needed first.
Languages Some English spoken (on request), Spanish & Catalan spoken
Type of organisation Public