Brexit Update

For the moment nothing has changed

In June 2016 Britain voted to leave the European Union (EU), which Spain is part of.

Negotiations are currently underway between Britain and the EU over the terms of that withdrawal (Brexit), but Britain for the moment is still inside the EU.

The most important piece of news for British nationals who are resident in Spain at the moment is that nothing has changed with regards to their rights and obligations while in Spain. UK nationals have exactly the same entitlements in all areas as before the vote to leave the EU.

This includes healthcare, employment, residency and all other areas of life in Spain. Nothing has changed.

As part of the negotiations to leave the EU, Britain and the EU will agree what happens to all the existing rights British nationals have in Spain, both for those that already live here and for new people coming from the UK to live, work or retire.

While nothing can be guaranteed until the long and complex negotiations are finished, the British government and the EU (and the Spanish government itself) have all said repeatedly that their aim is to protect those rights as far as possible for those already living in Spain when Britain finally leaves the EU and build a strong future collaborative relationship between the EU and Britain.

For the moment Britain is still fully part of the European Union (EU) and a British national who is resident in Spain has the same rights and obligations in all areas as they always have done.

More information

The British government maintains an information page on the latest news about the process to leave the EU which can be seen by clicking here

The following independent campaigning group can also provide additional information and support:

Updated: Autumn 2018