Andalucía Senior Citizens Card (Tarjeta sesentaycinco)

Andalucía Senior Citizens Card (Tarjeta sesentaycinco)

The Junta de Andalucía issues a card for residents of Andalucía aged 65 and over that gives access to a series of discounts and services. (Andalucía includes the provinces of Malaga, Huelva, Seville, Cadiz, Cordoba, Jaén, Almeria and Granada). It is available to British citizens.

The card is known as Tarjeta sesentaycinco (translated as ‘Card Sixty-Five’) and is free. It is valid for five years.

There are two levels; basic level for those over 65 and also gold level for seniors with particularly low incomes.

The main discounts for those over 65 who have the card are: –

  • Telecare / teleassistencia at a minimum monthly fee (click here for more details)
  • Half price on buses subsidised by the Junta de Andalucía that link towns
  • Glasses with 30 to 55% discount
  • Hearing aids with 30 to 35% discount
  • Various discounts in hotels, cinemas, sporting events, attractions (see here for list of discounts in Spanish)
  • Access to a legal guidance service (generally in Spanish) available in certain day centres for the elderly run by the regional government
  • Access to a subsidised lunch service available at select regional government day centres for seniors (and an additional 50% discount if you have the gold card level)

You can see an online guide from the Junta de Andalucía (regional government) on its scheme in Spanish on this link.  

To apply, you generally need to be in possession of a valid British passport (or TIE photo card is preferable if you have one) and a recently dated certificate* from your local town hall stating that you are registered on the municipal ‘padrón’ register, (*usually no more than three months old. Municipalities can issue a recent copy upon request). You should also be asked for your European citizen registration certificate (green card / paper) if you do not have a TIE, although we have not been able to confirm if this is a common policy to apply for it. (Click here for a more complete description of these if you’re not sure what they are.)

You can apply for the card online, (if you have a digital certificate on your computer), or by printing the form here (in Spanish). There is a helpline that can be answered in English (Monday to Friday) on (0034) 900200165. Note:  January 2023; the online option is still out of action but a postal form can still be accepted.

Click here for a suggestions of local voluntary or statutory organisations that may be able to help fill out the forms (add the name of your local town or village to filter those that cover your area).

Renewal: When renewal is due, a new copy should be sent to you automatically.

Change of address: To change your address, call the phone number above and ask for the call-centre service in English (“atención en inglés”).



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