I have little money to meet my bills and do not know what to do next

I have little money to meet my bills and do not know what to do next

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Check if you are entitled to and are receiving all the benefits that you are entitled to from both the UK and Spain.

UK benefits

For information on the UK benefits that you may be entitled to in Spain, please click here to see this topic.

Spanish benefits

You may be entitled to Spanish state benefits and help if you are a British national and have lived or worked in Spain for a period of time or are a pensioner with a medical condition.

For introductory information on Spanish state benefits click here

If you need extra help understanding or more support applying for UK or Spanish benefits or Spanish government services, please see this list of possible contacts.  

Please note that applying for benefits from either the UK or Spain is not an immediate process. It is recommended to apply as soon as possible, even if you are unsure about your long-term residency plans in Spain, as any other emergency help you receive could only be limited for a short period of time. 

If you do not have a residency certificate and/or are not on the local town hall census (padrón) 


If you have fully investigated and applied for the relevant benefits and help from the UK and Spanish governments and funds are still insufficient: 

Please click on one of the links below:-

Emergency food supplies & emergency accommodation

Or consult the full list of helpful topics on this website.

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