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Local Health Centres (Centros de Salud) – National Directory

Your local public health centre, run by the regional government of where you live, is your gateway to Spanish public healthcare and support if related to a short-term or long-term medical condition or disability.

It is also a route to applying for social care where the need is linked to a medical condition being treated by doctors at the health centre. While some staff do speak some English, this cannot always be guaranteed so it is advisable to take a Spanish speaker or interpreter for appointments if needed. In our ‘Helpful Topics’ part of this website we have links in the  section to help you find suggestions for local interpreters at the doctors.

To understand who is entitled to register for public (state) healthcare in Spain and how to go about it, see the Helpful Topic link to our web.

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Coverage area and additional information

To find details of primary healthcare centres* near to where you live (as well as hospitals and emergency facilities), click on the link below from the national Spanish Ministry of Health. *This could include fully equipped health centres (centros de salud) or more local surgeries (consultorios locales).

‘Búsqueda en Catálogo Centros de Atención Primaria del SNS’: Tick here to see primary healthcare centres

‘Búsqueda en Catálogo de Centros de Atención Urgente Extrahospitalaria’: Tick here for non-hospital emergency treatment centres.

‘Búsqueda en Catálogo Nacional de Hospitales’: Tick here for hospitals.

Next select ‘Comunidad Autónoma’: The region where you live.
Then ‘Provincia’: the province within the region.

Then if asked, scroll down and add in ‘Municipio’ (the area covered by your local council) to see the closest health centres.

Press ‘Consultar’ at the base of the page.
Next to each entry that appears, by pressing on the ‘+’ symbol, a few more details appear.

(Information supplied from central government and in Spanish).

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