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Local Health Service (Centro de Salud) – Orihuela District

Your local public health centre, part of the Comunidad Valenciana regional government, is your gateway to Spanish public healthcare and support if related to a short-term or long-term medical condition or disability. It is also a route to applying for social care where the need is linked to a medical condition being treated by doctors at the health centre. While some staff do speak some English, this cannot always be guaranteed so it is advisable to take a Spanish speaker or interpreter for appointments if needed. In our ‘Helpful Topics’ part of this website we have links in the ‘Understanding the System’ section to help you find suggestions for local interpreters.

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Coverage area and additional information

The Valencia region (provinces of Alicante, Castellón and Valencia) is divided into health districts (departamentos) covering different areas and according to the town or village where you live. As there is not an overall searchable directory, click on the weblink on this page to find an explanation of how to find details of the nearest health centre (centro de salud) for your town or village if you have a health card (SIP) number or if you do not. Orihuela district includes centres covering inland areas of the Vega Baja furthest from the coast. NOTE: Orihuela Costa falls under the Torrevieja district not Orihuela.

Contact information
Full address See weblink for how to find details of public health centres in this district. Orihuela Costa area falls under Torrevieja health district and not Orihuela.
Languages Spanish & Valencian spoken
Type of organisation Public

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